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Adventures in Mowing

20170510_202442Most of our acreage is left alone– either as woods, natural meadows, cow pastures.  But there are some large portions that we want to keep more manicured and need to be mowed.

We purchased a full size farm tractor and finish mower, but it doesn’t work well on hills, edges, curves and around trees– which is also a large part of the manicured area!  So we decided to buy me a zero-turn mower to use.  And I love it!  I need to name her.

I mowed acres and acres with no problems.  Then hubby was mowing the backyard area– which is a steep hill- and this happened.

Considering the spa delivery people nearly crushed one of the workers between the spa that got away and the fence in this exact same spot, I think it is the hill that is at fault, not the driver (which was NOT me).

This is the perfect opportunity to bring out the tractor.

We were able to save the zero-turn, and finish mowing the backyard.  All is well….until we need to mow again!


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